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Crusader kings 2 culture bonuses

Outremer Basque Iberian occitangfx italiangfx Enables Absolute cognatic gender law.
Event 4020 "poachers" event, gives chioce between temporary trait giving prestige and ninja casino skattefria vinster random other event to punish the poachers.
While Strong and Weak Claims wars grant the flag, Pagan and Muslim Conquest do not.For example, Border Dispute wars and Pagan County Conquest do not set.Norse splits into several cultures starting in 950.Nahuatl Ashkenazi Israelite easterngfx byzantinegfx No provinces have these cultures, but courtiers with them appear by event.Some cultures also allow raiding, making them a potential menace to neighbours.It is inherited from a random biological parent and affects portraits.Best method however is to just add very large amounts of stewardship to your character with the add_stewardship command described above.With very few exceptions, the only way to change this is via the child's guardian.Graphical culture has no direct effect on gameplay, but can help you determine who is a "hidden cuckoo bastard ".Add_learning Character ID (- add or subtract character learning.So for it to work correctly, you have to put a character.Han Horse Horse horsegfx horsegfx Can be created through the Conclave or The Reaper's Due version of the events where a Lunatic ruler appoints his horse the realm chancellor or Court Physician.