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Clash of clans five star bonus

clash of clans five star bonus

In case the current Star Bonus isnt completed within 24 hours, a new one will be available immediately after the current Star Bonus has been completed.
However, in this case, some maxbelopp insättning seb Star Bonus Time will be wasted.
However, in this case, some "Star Bonus Time" will be wasted.In order to obtain the Star Bonus, it require to Win Multiplayer Match and earn Stars!We don't have a Gem storage but attackers should be able to earn a few.It isnt every morning at midnight, or anything like that.During a revenge attack there is no loot bonus (if you didnt know already) and revenge attacks also do not count towards the star bonus.The May update finally added a Gem mine, but only to the Builders Base.The day the update arrived a lot of players started attacking, got five stars and the bonus, then had to wait 20 hours for another bonus.Players were able to get a maximum of 4 doubled Star Bonuses during these 3 days, probably having to waste some Star Bonus Time, but still beneficial to.While that dark souls 2 how to get spell slots would probably be less confusing, the current system in place caters to the players, and makes it so we dont lose any stars earned, ever.Also, each week the tournament and league levels are reset.So earning it too fast makes players feel like it isnt daily, but.Players claiming its only available every other day, not daily, or asking when the 24 hour clock starts and more.Summary, the Star Bonus is a feature that was added in the Version.116.2 update on January 26, 2016.