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Civ 6 adjacency bonus cheat sheet

Let us know how you built your empire and achieved victory, and what civ you picked to get started with!
Every city needs to maintain a net Amenities score of zero or higher to function normally, insättningsautomat coop requiring one amenity for every two citizens starting at three.Granary, monument, water Mill, sewer, starts a city, aqueduct (Housing).If youre new to the hyra casino Civilization series, the games thorough tutorial and adviser system are great for helping you get your bearings.Looking for other Civilization VI guides?Amphitheaters, art and archaeological museums, and broadcast centers can only be built here.For instance, Rome has a Baths district rather an Aqueducts, while the Hansa district replaces the Industrial Zone for Germany.The coastal bonus is beast mastery hunter pve dps gear legendaries best in slot doubled if there is a cliff.Any city with a coast tile within its workable range (three tiles from the city center) can build a Harbor district to achieve the same effect.On the following round, however, Kyoto had a 16 Electronics Factory Production bonus.Their completion is crowned with a cool construction scene and you can physically see them on the map for the first time in the series (unless you count Beyond Earth).A site with a couple of mountains will be good for faith and science.Youll never get more than one Natural Wonder in one citys territory let alone adjacent to the same Holy Site, and you dont want to be committed to leaving four rainforest tiles undeveloped all game for 2 science.
Specialist districts will appear on the Citizen Management screen with the usual Citizen slot plus two numbers on the side.
The bottom number stands for the amount of specialists supported by that district (subject to how many buildings have been built) and the top number is the amount of specialists currently working that district.

Commercial Hub districts generate Great Merchant points, with gold bonuses for adjacent harbours (2 rivers (2) and districts (1 for every two).
Neighborhood districts provide housing, with bonuses based on the appeal of the tile, as well as directly, for adjacent Natural Wonders (2 each forests (1 each) and coasts (1 each).
Remember that you can buy tiles directly with gold, so dont worry if your city planning ideas seem a little ambitious at first.