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Cheque deposit entry in tally

cheque deposit entry in tally

Journal Entry Axis bank a/cDr To Customer B .
Received from : Cashier, transaction type : Cash.
We get lot of queries regarding banking transactions in Tally.Gateway of Tally Accounting Info Ledger Create Journal Entry hdfc -FD Dr ( asset increases) To State bank of India (asset decreases) Fixed Deposit Voucher Entry In Tally ERP 9 Go to no deposit bonus 2018 binary options Gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher F5 Payment Account : State bank of India Particulars.Dr To Axis bank.Hence bank account is a real account.Journal Entry When a cheque is received from customer Axis Bank A/c.Dr ( Apply real account rule, Asset increases) To Customer E .Cr (Apply personal account Credit the giver) How to enter Bank receipt voucher or cheque deposit entry in Tally ERP.But you can treat it as personal account only for the purpose of journalising for simplifying journalising.Nominal Account rules to Cash ( Asset decreases- Nominal account rules to enter this transactions in to Tally, there is a voucher type called contra voucher, to access contra voucher Generally Journal voucher do not use to enter cash deposit and cash withdrawal.Hence this is a bank payment entry.( being cash withdrawn for director saju personal use) Go to Gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher F5 Payment Sajus Loan A/c Dr 10000 To Cash .Go to Gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher F5 Payment Hope these transactions example help beginners, apart from above I have some questions which can be answered in few words.Journal Entry for Cheque issued to supplier Supplier.Dr ( Apply personal account rule debit the receiver) To icici Bank ( Apply Real account rule Credit what goes out) Enter Cheque issue transaction in Tally ERP9 Cheque issue transaction is entered in Payment voucher type.Favouring name :Self Transaction type : Cheque Instrument No : 215416 Instrument date : Enter date on cheque, it may differ from transaction date.Bank account is a real accounts or personal accounts?This is also a fund movement, but for a long term, and will have some affect on business, When deposit become mature, Some interest will be given and that can be treated as an income /profit.In the Contra Voucher, enter date by pressing F2, In Account Field: Select the bank in which money is deposited :Axis bank, Tip : The account in which the value is increasing should be slected at top of voucher in single entry mode.This is called a contra entry because this transaction do not create any result in business, Cash deposit is an internal moving of cash from cash-in-hand to cash at bank.
( Apply real account, asset increases) To icici.00 ( Apply real account, asset decreases) (Being amount transferred from Axis bank to icici Bank through neft) Bank to bank transfer transaction voucher in P 9 Go to Gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher F4 Contra Enter details as follows Account.