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Captain toad all bonus levels

There are some bonus coins you can collect hidden under the slide at the very end of the level, too.
Super Gem #2 : superlines casino code bonus Theres another minimum ins├Ąttning 50 kr door down from code bonus gratuit casino belge the first corner door.Climb the ladder and walk across the narrow passage to reach another, easier-to-spot Super Gem.Memories of Our Adventures 16:38 - Episode 1 Prologue (Challenge Time: 9s) 17:46 - Episode 2 Prologue (Challenge Time: 9s) 18:54 - Episode 3 Prologue (Challenge Time: 13s).Shy Guy Shadow Den.Start with the switch beside the elevated Piranha Sprout at the starting area.Toad Brigade, Move Out!Go inside the long yellow cylinder and rotate the tube until stopping at the far end.Back in this passage sits the Gold Mushroom, which is need to complete the bonus challenge.Slide the slab so you can reach a single root with a gem before walking to the exit star.Lower the white wall, or drop down from the hedges.Episode 3-8 Up 'n' Down Desert edit Use the switches only eight times to clear the stage.Super Gem #3 : Raise the right tower to find a key root.Secret of the Inverted Pyramid.Super Gem #2 : Reach the tall building in the back-right corner with a P-Switch.(Challenge Time: 50s) 07:33 - Toad Brigade to Trick-Track Hall!Episode 3-5 Stumpy Springs Sanctuary edit Find the Gold Mushroom.Tap the yellow platform again.
Toad Brigade to Trick Track Hall!
Stumpy Springs Sanctuary.

Climb the ladder up, and press the final P-Switch across the hedges to complete the level.
Up n Down Terrace.