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Can you bonus roll midnight mount

can you bonus roll midnight mount

Update (6:20 PM Oct 15 The Fishing Maple Coins was originally stated to begin on Mondays at midnight UTC.
Day 7: 10x Maple Coins for use casino moldova in Mapleopoly and Maple Spin Day 8: 2x Face Change Vouchers, which can be used to change your Face and Eye Color at Beauty Street Day 9: 10x Dryad Pet Candy, used when taming pets, such as for.
Note: This post originally said that the event ran Mondays to Wednesdays UTC, not Tuesdays to Thursdays.Top Posts From The r/wow Community.Click on the Event Map button in the top-right corner of the screen to be taken to the map and head to the Mapleopoly board to start playing!8th Event Details : Mondays: Gain double EXP when performing in Coco Island, Queenstown, Henesys and Ludari City Tuesdays: Get double the materials when Gathering Note : This will not stack with other Gathering buffs Wednesdays: 20 off World and Channel Chats Thursdays: Gain double.With consumable healing items, Fireworks, instruments and the special Blue Slime Outfit and Flying Maple Leaf mount, there's plenty of prizes to claim!8th Event Details : Earn the Fluttering Maple Set from the Mapleopoly event and the Flying Maple Leaf mount from the Maple Spin event to claim the Maple Fanatic Trophy and Maple Fanatic Title Fishing Maple Coins Want more from Mapleopoly and Maple Spin?8th Event Details : Go to the Maple Spin machine, located next to the Mapleopoly machine in Maple Hill You can spend 1 Maple Coin, earned by logging in or fishing, on a spin on the wheel, rewarding you with a random item, including consumable.Event Details : Fishing in Henesys and Tria will have a small chance to reward 15 Maple Coins, to be used in Mapleopoly or Maple Spin!Login to MapleStory 2 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the next four weeks to get free items, including Maple Coins, fireworks, Auto-Fishing and Performance Vouchers, an adorable Cerbe hat and even a sack filled to the brim with Mesos!15th (UTC) - Thursday, Nov.We apologize for the error.
Items on the Maple Spin wheel do not have identical chances of being rewarded Rewards cannot be trade or sold Maple Fanatic Event There's a month of time for you to get as many Maple Coins as you can, and we've got a special prize.

Introduced in: Patch.1, travel Mode: Ground (60 or 100 speed speed depends on your riding skill.