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A less commonly known one is the skill Headbutt, which for a short time, was named Enadiz Headbutt (Enadiz is Zidane spelled backwards).
The game makes a few shout-outs to other Sierra games.Ori and the Blind Forest : There are several hidden references to classic games, including a Super Mario Bros.Henry, a Scottish-accented Badass Longcoat with a Beam Claymore, is a Highlander shoutout.In Suikoden, the home base of the characters is always somewhere near water it's actually an enormous ship, in the most extreme case.The series' resident Tank Goodness incarnate, the Mammoth Tank, is a nod to the Nazi German super-heavy tank Panzer viii Maus, the largest WW2 tank to reach the prototype stage; it was captured by the Soviets before it ever managed to hit the production lines." As well as numerous references in its achievements, Dead Island has Jason from Friday the 13th, the sword used to slice up Zed in Pulp Fiction and a zombified Jenna Jameson.In their first appearances, they even went so far as to give one of the Huckebein's alternate insufficient attunement slots colors the familiar red, white and blue scheme.The Blue Suede Shoes item is a reference to the song by Carl Perkins.His "you're dead" message is simply " obey.One line in The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure is a Title Drop for the.Clarence himself is the 'Mario' based upon how his sprite moves.Feed her includes food prep.Pony Island : One of the files when you exit to the desktop for the first time is called MissingNo.In SimEarth, you can advance the evolution of a species with a square black Monolith.
Not only does she have zoomas, when she sees Spyro, she complains that she spends "all day moving crates, and pushing switches only for someone else to come and steal her treasure.
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