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Bonus objectives warlords of draenor map

Each bonus objective yields rewards such as experience points, Apexis Crystals and, gold when completed.
I am also able to confirm that the treasure EXP does scale with level, I however, due to my level, am not able to confirm if lets say Gorgrond Treasure is supposed to give the exact same EXP at 90 as a Treasure in SMV.
Each of the Waypoints descriptions is the Treasure's name, so you can conveniently right click and copy it or search it directly from Google or your favorite browser.
These objectives cannot be abandoned, but will disappear if a player leaves the area without completing them.Massive list of all the treasures on Draenor currently listed on wowhead, this means anything labeled as such will be here.Spoiler: Nagrand - youtube high stakes poker 2016 Bonus Objectives (Level 98-100).An available bonus objective will appear on the map with this icon: citation needed, contents show, accepting Bonus Objectives.Buying / Selling / LFG.There are several bonus objectives in each zone.However, if the player returns to the area, the objectives re-appear on the quest tracker pane and they may continue with the objectives where they left off.Show only staff posts, author, message44573, controlled Chaos.Battle for Azeroth is Live!Spoiler: Tanaan Jungle (Level 90-92, 100 last edited by, power on, 20:13:58; edited 6 times in total.Code: /way Shadowmoon Valley.1,.6 Stolen Treasure /way Shadowmoon Valley.5,.7 Fantastic Fish /way Shadowmoon Valley.8,.1 Sunken Treasure /way Shadowmoon Valley.3,.9 Lunarfall Egg /way Shadowmoon Valley.2,.1 Bubbling Cauldron /way Shadowmoon Valley.2,.1 Sunken Fishing boat /way.Continue browsing in r/wow, community Details.5k, online, world of Warcraft on Reddit!Spoiler: Spires of Arak - Bonus Objectives (Level 96-98).New Reddit does not support the same level of customisation as old reddit, and we do not currently support link or user flair on new reddit.Shadowmoon Valley Edit (Only available to Alliance players) Frostfire Ridge Edit (Only available to Horde players) Gorgrond Edit Spires of Arak Edit Talador Edit Nagrand Edit Tanaan Jungle Edit Broken Isles achievements Edit This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.Last Updated: 10/25/14 10:00PM EST, the title pretty much says it all.A status bar that appears below the on screen quest list.At level 90 I was able to get up to 20,500 EXP for some treasures in Shadowmoon Valley, which is very competitive considering quests give you on average 15k to 10k in SMV/FFR, keep in mind Mists of Pandaria Treasures awarded a set amount.Draenor achievements Edit This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.You can find a the addon on the Curse website here.Grand Treasure Hunter and they give a large amount of EXP on turn in, very much like the Mists of Pandaria treasures did.
Spoiler: Gorgrond - Bonus Objectives (Level 92-94).
If you want more information on the issues with Nagrand see the body of text that follows its Treasures.