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Black desert maximum character slots

You want to sunday million live kings casino stay away from the belt, as you will see below most belts in BDO provide weight limit, and it is quite high.
You can do this a maximum of 10 times.
True agony is having to choose which character to delete.Thats kinda exactly the number of allowed slots.Weight Limit Increase Item Buy Weight Limit Increase with Pearls This is what you can get (each item is limited to 1 per character Pearl Item Pearl Cost Pearls / 1LT Weight Limit Increase (50LT) 600 12 Weight Limit Increase (100LT).000 10 Weight Limit.Polar Bear Tier 1 20LT Polar Bear Tier 2 30LT Polar Bear Tier 3 40LT Polar Bear Tier 4 50LT casino tax las vegas So in essence, you could theoretically (well, and practically if you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars) achieve 250LT by having 5 Tier.Each one costs.500 loyalties, so that amounts.000 loyalties (140 days) to get them all, and a total of 200LT for your character.Treant Spirits Whisper Accessory Set This is an easy to farm PvE set (meaning you cant buy it on the marketplace that will award you with 100LT for the 5-Set Effect.Belt 0 PRI DUO TRI TET PEN Rhutum Elite Belt 60LT 70LT 80LT 90LT 100LT 110LT Rhutum Belt 60LT 70LT 80LT 90LT 100LT 120LT Belt of Shultz the Gladiator 60LT 70LT 80LT 90LT 100LT 110LT Basilisks Belt 80LT 80LT 80LT 80LT 80LT 80LT Centaurus Belt.Luckily for players, Daum is halving that pain by granting a free bonus character slot to everyone.These will let you unlock some items on the Pearl Store, out of which most are trash.The other cheaper solutions, work great for a quick gain as well.Of course, if you want to try both, you are on your own for that second slot.Silver Cost Pearl Cost Weight Limit Base Character Weight Limit 250LT (?) Gear Zereth Armor 100.000 50LT Gear Hercules Might Set (3-Set Effect) 300.000 200LT Gear 1 x WON Magic Crystal Cobelinus.000.000 50LT Gear 2 x BON Magic Crystal Hystria.000.000 100LT Gear.Thats the games subscription in essence, which will cost you.500 pearls, and award you with 200LT for 30 days, along with 16 inventory slots, 16 slots for all storages, combat / skill / life / horse XP 10, 30 bonus to marketplace sales, unlimited.There are also other consumables which you can use to raise Strength XP (30 min cooldown like Seaweed from underwater gathering, or Spirit Essence of Earth.
That means it stays the same no matter how many polar bears you have (its tier will increase it though, so 1 T4 polar bear is max for fishing time).

Hey all, I was wondering, other than purchasing with real money, if there is any other way to obtain character slots for this game.
Its a great mechanic, and I was glad to see an MMO implementing weight on items, bringing the world to more realism, and making decisions have more impact (whether for good or bad).