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Best vanguard bonus power me2

It does provide you therion theli 2014 reissue bonus dvd with protection, but I've found it really doesn't matter if you are constantly moving and charging like.
Never discount this class, what it lacks in combat-centric abilities, it will destroy in what it is great against.
For example, a synthetic force would fall before your Overload, a Krogan would hate your Warp and Cryo Blast, and even bosses cower under your non-stop defense shattering abilities.
Yes, it's still effective.Your greatest enemy will be Tech Armor in this regard, which when used causes a twelve second cooldown period.You have great defensive abilities with both mastery of tech and Biotics, so those that love to support squad mates will enjoy this, or just best in slot weapon outlaw rogue like being in total control against all possibile threats.As stated in Tips, a combat-tanky squad (Two squad mates easily fit this, but for spoilers I will only mention one of them, the dlc character.) Zaeed is a great soldier-tank, and fits the bill perfectly.In our sub, "OT" stands for "Original Trilogy and refers to Mass Effect 1-3, excluding Andromeda.Stay moving (rolling, running) if you aren't attacking, that way you maximize your life span in close range.Use at your own risk.You are capable of controling the field no matter what enemy type or defense the enemy has.If you advance it to its maximum, you can even cause mechs mail slot filler and geth to explode, which is not *very* useful against Geth, but against Mechs is creates a nice free explosion your team can easily take advantage over.Andromeda went on sale pretty soon after release and currently goes down to about 5-10 USD.Enemies may group up, so they can cover them from being killed, and the "Freeze and Shatter" strategy of freezing a enemy, then using throw on them to deal large damage later on loses its luster.(Or shotgun!) A great tool for the tactical Sentinel, it still requires you destroy the enemies defenses, which is a non-issue for a good Sentinel.Please read the following FAQ before posting.As for bonus powers I've experimented with a few: Warp ammo is great simply for the fact that it wholeheartedly supports the Vanguard, biotic soldier play style.(Note: This sadly does not create a "critical explosion.While this may not seem like much, that is twelve seconds of you having no ability to control the field.Powers: Cryo Blast: The first power a sentinel has, it is sadly its weakest.Add to that, many moments can have you lose your Tech Armor shielding during cooldown, which can cause Sentinels to panic.All in all, this is not a weakness to a competent Sentinel once you learn to overcome any lack of other powers.
A downside is it make your character stand and take a lot of fire for a few seconds so it sort of violates my Vanguard philosophy.
That, and it imposes a rather irritating cool down period that's not really worth what it does.