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Best in slot assassination rogue legion

However, due to changes in Azerite traits, AoE potential has gone up, which is a welcome change, especially in Mythic.
Level 60: Optional, level 75: Optional, level 90: Dark Shadow.
Here, you will learn how to play as an Assassination Rogue in both raids and Mythic dungeons: from the very beginning to maximizing your DPS.
Rotation Pre-Pull 18 seconds on the pull timer, Marked for Death when talented Potion Shadow Blades Pull Shadowstrike Nightblade Shadow Dance Symbols of Death Shadowstrike until 4 Combo Points(5 with Deeper Stratagem) Secret Technique when talented Eviscerate when not talented into Secret Technique Shadowstrike until.Last updated: Wednesday, 13th February 2019 Power shifts Author This guide has been written and is maintained by wEak.Level 30: Nightstalker or Shadow Focus.Variable Intensity Gigavolt Oscillator Reactor : Good trinket, comparable to many of the normally recommended dungeon trinkets.Trinkets: In terms of trinkets you can always check m to have an overview of how much a trinket is roughly worth, however playhippo casino sign up to be sure you should always sim your own character to see if its an upgrade or not.2018 ( how to improve page This page has been reviewed for Patch.1 and no changes are necessary.2018 ( Uldir page Added boss spec-specific tips.Agility, critical Strike, haste, versatility, mastery, multi Target.2018 ( enchants page Updated Healthstone advice.2018 ( simulations page Page added.Keep in mind that this list does not include dungeon gear, and any dungeon piece you find can shift the piece you want to aim for in raid.Moving forward, heres the Subtlety Azerite Armor list for this tier: Helmet: #1 Cowl of Righteous Resolve (Champion of the Light) Inev TC, very strong piece.A must have one point wonder due to its sheer power.Assassination Rogue Strengths, strong and consistent single no deposit casino bonus codes instant play 2017 target damage.#3 Grongpelt Vest (Grong, the Jungle Lord).For stats you should be aiming for the following: Single Target.Chest: #1 Vestments of Indomitable Will (Conclave) tfdinev, top tier piece.Gearing Stats, gearing in Battle for Azeroth should be more straight forward.We still have our prefered stats, but 26th dynasty casino cards they should not be as decisive as in legion.#2 Tidemothers Cover (Stormwall Blockade nP/TTK first ring, DD 2nd Ring, not as versatile, but in terms of ST strength, just as strong as #1 while also having a better defensive trait.However, you can pretty safely say, haste crit/mastery is your go to stats priority, just as usual.
2018 ( talents page Split talents based on gear build (T21 4p vs T21 4p, T20 2p).