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Antorus the burning throne bonus roll

Tank need to grab the adds with weapon asap, dual-weld one stack with other adds, two-hand one away from any adds.
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How to handle as illustrated in the figure, tank the boss at 1 end, and have the 3 players run to the 3 other ends.
How to handle since raid the stacked to place the cone, targeted player can just run behind the group to place the patches to save space, cause it will be covered by the cone eventually.Our boosts being made only by humans, so no third-party programs, bots or exploits.Tank the blade one by a caster adds for cleave damage, and the sword on in the center or away from other adds to avoid the adds buff.Shouldnt need big CD due to the 100 HP increase.The tree will spawn in different locations.P3: at 40 HP Boss will go to the middle of the room and become unattackable, and it will split into 7 adds.Ember of Rage circles on the ground, deal high shadow damage and 20 sec stackable dot.Antorus heroic loot distribution rules: Guaranteed amount of items 7 (or 10 with self-named option) from single order for your class and specialization.1 will have Blades of the Eternal (melee attack damage increased by 300 and the other will have Sword of the Cosmos (increase melee attack by 200 and buff other adds in 20 yd by 20 for 3 min).ML is overall better than PL due to several reasons: in Master you get yourself stable amount of loot pieces and possibility of getting rare drops while Personal Loot is depending only on ingame luck because no one can trade you items due to being.Also the adds with weapon will change, to be aware.The Soulbomb players might die, since he/she need to eat the whole damage on his/her own, but its not necessary why?We provide closer look to service buy boost Antorus: 20-30 man Raid Team containing professional top ranked players from the best guilds via wowprogress MasterLoot mode rewards at least 7 different and non-similar slots (same items and item types dont count unless they can.Leprestore again is first and the best so we introduce our most popular service from now on buy antorus boost on heroic difficulty.Antorus raid boost background: Your order will be executed by best worldwide guilds, most of them are signed with our store by real contracts.
Last boss Argus the Unmaker, like KilJaeden and Guldan, dropping 10-points higher 955 pieces.
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