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Please comment as this was my first ever guide!
I would vlad casino bonus extremely recommend buying a civilian chopper and doing drug runs (Obtaining, processing and selling) and then going to the.I don't have a full opinion on this or bonus rixos a real tip but I can say its a lose.(being a rebel is just x10 more fun).Final tip, when you reach this point for me its just playing with my friends and doing things like raids, robberys,runs and so much more.As in arresting random civs and doing "non cop stuff".In turn you shooting them.Or you can join the cop force.Hope you loved this guide.Tip 2, you should begin the game by simply picking and selling apples/peaches/fruit and as me and alot of people do move into doing drugs/missions.Hi Guys my mate is starting up his own arma 3 Atlas Life RPG server and has managed to set it all up and add lots of stuff on the map and got the police all working The only thing which we cant get.Rebel outpost, from there you can pay for rebel training.
Any help would be much appreciated through the forum or even better jump on our team speak and run us through it Kind Regards max.