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Add more character slots wow

699 AutoRepair KC Attempts to Auto Repair your equipment when you visit an able vendor.
Use /sbm for options menu.
268 TNE Low Health Warning lake palace no deposit code Enables a flashing red effect when you are low on life 267 Totem Menu AddOn to display totems better 265 Titan Panel ItemBonuses Adds the ability to display bonuses from items you are wearing to Titan Panel 264 FuBar-Honor Keeps.
603 ag UnitFrames Unit frame addon using AceOO 595 OneBag Sorter One bag to rule them all 591 SpecialTalentUI Improved Talent Frame.112774 pfQuest pfQuest is a quest helper addon.57699, enemy Cast Bar, shows a replication of your targets cast bar.Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right!4378 X-Perl Party Frame Replaces the default party frames.216 MetaMapWKB MetaMapWKB adds a user database of MoBs/NPCs from aquired targets.Expansion, vanillaThe Burning CrusadeWrath of the Lich KingCataclysmMists of Pandaria.1440 Bagnon-Options A configuration menu for Bagnon 1392 QuestLink Allows sending quest as link 1388 FuBar-Experience Keeps track of experience.295 simpleMinimap GUI GUI options module for simpleMinimap 292 Group event calendar Calendar Addon that let's you Schedule with Accept / Decline Display group events such as Raids or in game Wedding for that one hardcore Role Playing guy that you think is perhaps crazy.How much honor did you get from the last 3 kills?248 RangeRecolor Recolors action bar buttons when out of range 248 MetaHud Heads Up Display 247 SmartPet Makes your pet smarter.
305 FuBar-DPS Simple DPS Monitor.